Web + Graphic Design

Built on a Solid Open Source Foundation

This modern design was built on powerful open source frameworks, including Drupal, OpenPublish - a specialized Drupal distribution for media outlets, and Open Calais, which enables users to easily find more great content and become more engaged.

Custom Design Specialized for Multimedia

With a newspaper, radio station, and online television station to populate the site's content, I implemented robust media players that could handle anything. Plus, a great system to manage a robust radio archive - including on-demand playback after each DJ's shift.

Groundbreaking Strategy Skyrockets Traffic

Cisternyard.com's release ushered in web-first publishing for the school newspaper. Just two years later, they'd go web only. I authored the strategy that set this paradigm, and as a result, student engagement online jumped higher than ever.

Foundation. The rock of a modern day website

Zurb's Foundation was the framework that I used to build the, well, foundation of this modern site. With need for a flexible layout, including an animated, scrolling iPhone in the margin, Foundation made it easy to get to work.

No Question: This site works anywhere

When your goal is to sell an iPhone app, the website better look great on an iPhone. This site does just that, and for any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. No question.

Beautiful video, in any browser, no buffering

The hero of this site is a commercial I produced just for this project. And, it works great in a simple video player that works in any browser, and is ready for mobile. Plus, hosting on S3 and Cloudfront from AWS made life easy.

Nimble design, pulled up by Bootstrap

Using a mordern framework like Bootstrap allowed me to devliver a website that met all the lab's needs and was still easy for the pricipal investivator to update.

Using visuals to communicate science: that's brilliant

Using large, colorful (and scientifically acurite) imagery makes visitors feel more engaged in the content and interested in learning more. In designing the site, I chose to highlight actual images aquired by the lab.

Web typography enhances the experience

With the advent of easy and reliable web typography, designers have been empowered to create more unique sites. I always take the extra time to hone the typography I use because no detail is too small.

Motion Graphics Broadcast and streaming ready

I created all of the motion graphic assets for CougarMediaNetwork. During this time, I created 4 complete graphic packages for CTV News, including intros, outros, supers, bugs, and animations designed to look good on the web and for broadcast. This allowed their video productions to achieve professional, broadcast standards long before anyone thought internet video could look this good.

Graphic Design Identites, print design, custom lettering

Identity Design CisternYard.com

I designed the identity for the flagship product of Cougar Media Network, CisternYard.com. The mark is an actual oak tree from the College's Cistern Yard, the center of the campus. The color pallete was chosen to represent the scenery of Charleston. In 2012, the network reorganized and unified all products under the CisternYard banner. I was brought back under a commission to create a suite of identies for all of the compoent organizations that matched the design language, while referencing the old CMN identity.

Identity Design Cougar Media Network

Unified the identity of the student media organizations at the College of Charleston under one new banner, Cougar Media Network. This coincided with a physical restructing of the organization into one collaborative entity. The mark represents the four core products of the Network, and is reminiscent of a cougar paw. At the same time, all of the logos for the individuals brands were refreshed.

Print Design The George Street Observer

Commissioned by the College of Charleston student newspaper to rethink and redesign the look and feel of the paper, with a classic style that fits in a modern tabloid format. I drew the masthead typography custom for the paper.

Identity Design Various Clients


Colloborated on a process to create the identity for Wikinews when it was launched.


Designed the corporate identity for FusionBB and its parent company, InteractivePHP, Inc.

Open Voting Foundation

Refreshed the corporate identity for this non-profit organization.

Tasty Thai

Conceptual artwork for restaurant identity refresh.